Buy To Let Mortgages

Understanding buy to let mortgages and if one is right for you.

What is a buy to let mortgage?

A buy to let mortgage is a mortgage product for those who are looking to purchase a property as an investment, to rent out. Not to live in. The requirements for securing a buy to let mortgage are similar to those of regular mortgages, however, there are some key differences such as minimum deposit amount and higher interest rates.

How we can help with buy to let mortgages.

Whether you’re an individual, limited company or portfolio landlord, we have lenders for all types of landlords. A wide range of properties are acceptable when securing a buy to let mortgage, such as; HMO’s, residential units, freehold flats, flats above commercial, ex local authority and more.

We can assist lenders with no property portfolio limits. SPV’s, LLP’s partnerships and existing trading companies are all also acceptable.

We also ensure that manual underwriting is undertaken by our lenders to ensure all circumstances can be considered on a common sense lending approach, helping you get what you need.

Things to consider about buy to let mortgages.

Get the process underway.

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